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  • There are over 600,000 bridges in the US, 40% are over 50 years old.

  • Other concrete foundations support critical machinery such as turbines, motors and pipework.

  • Critical infrastructure is a national priority.

  • Manual inspections are labor intensive and are not real time, they are usually done every 2 years, and failures continue to happen.

Current practices are limited and not scalable

  • Sensors are physically bolted into the concrete/steel foundations which is destructive, slow and laborious.

  • Requires one sensor per one measurement point – not scalable and high hardware costs.

  • Limited battery lifetime.

  • Field deployment can take hours and days just to collect data.

LaserSense Vibration Data Collection Platform

  • Measure any location within line of sight.

  • Use as an inspection tool or monitoring tool.

  • Capture hundreds of data points with a single sensor.

  • No hardware installation, cabling or equipment required.

  • Simple operation, minimal training.

  • Reduce hours on site and manpower deployment.

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